Freeport: City of Adventure

The Poisoned Bog

Here she be, the ship no one except for two people in whole of Golarion have ever heard of. She sags with rot and is cracked with age as though she was built during the Age of the Azlanti, but here she sits upon a mossy hill, The Narwhale. While the crew without a ship is grateful to have found a ship, it is currently moored in an impossible berth. There is no body of water that can carry this vessel nearby, and the water that there is seems to be poisoned by a strange scythe planted in the running stream of blackened, “fresh” water like some sort of macabre water-marker. Furthermore, the place seems to be crawling with undead and irate lizardfolk whose water supply this scythe seems to be poisoning to make them thirst more after taking a drink. If the scythe is the source of the infestation, it must be removed and yet according to Othollo it emanates a powerful negative energy aura meaning any who touch it would be sucked of their soul (negative levels). He insists that whoever planted this scythe must be found and eliminated since they are a “heart of evil that beats only foul ichor”. The source is easy enough for the Paladin to follow, but it leads into a deep bog that will no doubt be blighted and filled with deadly gasses and desperate beasts.


Dragonsteele Dragonsteele

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